Bring your ideas to life.


Whether it's a community project, designing and facilitating a meeting, or executing a great event, Ariatti Advising can help. We're behind the scenes making sure all the details are taken care of, collecting resources, connecting people, and ensuring everything is in place, so you can focus on the work you do well.  

Our services are delivered through carefully developed customized plans, organized to help you meet your objectives. Services include: project management, meeting facilitation, and event management. We specialize in community projects and non-profit work.

In each project, we begin with a discovery period, working closely with you to design a solution that meets your objectives.



Create order and purpose from chaos.


Project management is the art of organizing disparate pieces of an idea into an organized plan to accomplish change. Using formal project management tools combined with entrepreneurial thinking we help clients execute change initiatives throughout their business and the community.

We specialize in collective impact community project management. Collective impact brings people and organizations together in a structured way to achieve social change. Ariatti Advising provides facilitation of diverse stakeholders through the project management process to solutions which promote community change.

"Alicia was a guiding force for the 2014 Bingham Fellows class in our efforts to create paths to economic prosperity in West Louisville. Over the course of 10 months, she ensured that the 40-plus members of our class received a thorough education about the needs of the community, kept us on task, and offered excellent advice and support. She is a great asset for many community partners and individuals in Louisville." - Jenny Recktenwald, Interim Director for One West

Keep your ideas moving.


Groups often become stuck in discussions and can’t seem to move into action on a project. Ariatti Advising helps groups navigate difficult discussions and guide groups to positive outcomes. We have years of experience facilitating groups of executives, volunteers, and non-profit leaders through the project management process.

"Alicia is a skilled facilitator able to keep disparate groups of professionals on task with gentle but firm direction while managing group dynamics effectively to work toward positive outcomes. She is able to foster creativity and productive activities with her thorough attention to detail and warm personal guidance." - Ed Krebs, Principal at K. Norman Berry Associates Architects PLLC



Success by design.


Meeting design is crucial to meeting success. With a background in curriculum design, we develop targeted agendas that meet the goals of each session, while balancing adult learning styles. Post meeting evaluations are developed to ensure meeting objectives and outcomes are achieved.

We specialize in small group and segment facilitation; developing activities that guide individuals through applying new ideas in concrete ways in their work and life.

"When Alicia manages a project or facilitates a meeting, it is like wearing a security blanket knowing everything will go off superbly. She is the consummate professional with a knack for planning and project design. When she leads an effort, she is able to navigate diverse personalities and perspectives to achieve the stated goal. It's not common to find a management professional who possesses such high emotional intelligence and technical skill. She is a great person to have in your corner!" 
- Alice Bridges, AOB Consulting

Make your event memorable.


At Ariatti Advising we believe that every part of your event speaks to your brand. That’s why we work with you to bring your vision to life. Once you develop the concept, Ariatti Advising steps in to cover all the details and ensure that your brand excellence is reflected in every detail of the event experience.

From the moment your guest receives their invitation, Ariatti Advising will design the experience to ensure the guest experience is flawless, taking care of all the details so you can enjoy the event.

With over two decades of experience in event management from intimate private dinners and cocktail parties, to three day conferences with over 1,000 guests, you can rest assured that Ariatti Advising has all the details covered.

"Alicia Ariatti is a real pro when it comes to event management. She's a great planner, so 99% of what you need done she'll have thought of ahead of time and taken care of. For that 1% that none of us can ever fully plan, she's got a cool head, great decision-making skills, and the experience to make the right call to ensure your event is a success. I recommend her highly!- Michael Gritton, Executive Director, KentuckianaWorks