Project Management expertise with a community focus.


Alicia Ariatti, President and Founder of Ariatti Advising, is a certified project manager and seasoned event manager. She received her project management certification in 2013 and has spent several years specializing in facilitating collective impact groups of executives, volunteers, and non-profit leaders through the project management process on community projects. She also designs and executes conferences and workshops around community issues.  Before working in collective impact, Alicia spent over two decades in event planning worldwide, providing detailed execution of events from small cocktail parties to large seminars and tradeshows. 

  Alicia Ariatti   Founder Ariatti Advising, LLC

Alicia Ariatti

Founder Ariatti Advising, LLC

Alicia has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA. A Jesuit run university, Santa Clara, provided the foundation for the community service work that is the focus of Ariatti Advising.  

Alicia was awarded the YMCA Tribute to Women in Industry Award in 1996.

Currently, a resident of Louisville, KY, Alicia is an avid community member, serving on boards and volunteering at non-profits as a project manager and meeting facilitator. She often serves as an ambassador in the community between the corporate leaders and non-profits helping build strong supportive networks and leveraging assets to enhance community change projects.